Why Do Think Tanks Matter

The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) Tuesday 30th January 2018, hosted the launch of the 2017 Global Think index annual Report Launch with the theme “Why Do Think Tanks Matter”. The event was one in a series held in over 100 cities across the globe by 175 organizations.
The Lead Speaker, Prof Ibeanu Okechukwu; a National Commissioner  with Nigeria’s National Electoral Commission spoke on the role of Think Tanks in democracy and nation-building.
His presentation was focused on answering the question of what a Think Tank is and the roles they play in re-engineering a better society.
Prof Ibeanu emphasized that Think Tanks are an extension of the society from which they spring from and therefore should produce knowledge that is solution based. He said. ‘’ In my humble opinion, Think Tanks are alternative Centre for education. They occupy the central opposite between universities. Think Tanks will need to develop and cultivate a link between Think Tanks and Universities which is what most Think Tanks don’t do in Nigeria except for CDD and that is why they are the only one in the index’’
The Professor of Political Science and former Dean, Faculty of the Social Science, University of Nigeria Nsukka believe that ‘’ for a think Tank to be effective, it requires capacity and resources’’. He called on Think Tanks on the continent to find a way to document knowledge on the continent which he believe will go a long way to help the continent and her posterity.
The event was attended by partners, friends and other the Civil Society.

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