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The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) in collaboration with CISLAC, WRAPA , CITAD  and Center LSD organised the tripod of activism memorial lecture  held  in commemoration of three Pan-Africans  Tajudeen, Winnie  Mandela And Prof And Momoh  who had in their life time engaged in the liberation and emancipation of African movement.
The moderator, Mrs Saudatu recalled that Tajudeen admonished us all “not to agonize but organize! She emphasized that Tajudeen’s dream was for equal opportunity through education for all youth, who will continue to challenge the status quo seeking for the good of all. Concerning Winnie Mandela, her resilient spirit provided inspirations and contributions to the process of dislodging apartheid, patriarchy and gender discrimination in private and public lives. She also admonished family and friends of these deceased to remain resolute in keeping the embers of their struggles burning and remain committed to living their dream for their country and continent.
Professor Horace G. Campbell, Kwame Nkrumah Chair Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana emphasized the need for a new orientation on liberation to conceptualize the values of ubuntu as the basis for Africa liberation. The concept incorporates values of sharing, cooperation and spiritual health. Ubuntu, emancipatory politics and reparations are the key concepts for liberation. “The concrete understanding of the cultural unity of Africa and the contributions of the African peoples towards human transformation are being refined every day through day to day struggles”, he said. Cheik Anta Diop who has studied the linguistic basis of African Unity emphasized the importance of African languages in the push for continental unity. African Liberation will be meaningless if it is not rooted in African languages and in the genius of the African woman. The aspirations of Diop, which were outlined in his book on the Economic and Cultural Basis for a Federated State, form the core of the African Union of tomorrow.
In conclusion, Prof. Campbell charged Africans youth and women to read wide on African stories that will educate and inspire them.

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