Do Swedish lawmaker earn in a year what a Nigerian senator gets in 60 days?

Verdict: False
Claim: On 4th and 5th June, thecableng and PMNews, an online media respectively, released a story claiming that Swedish lawmakers earned $78,000 a year, and compared it to the running costs of a Nigeria senator, which is stated to be $44,053.86 a month.  The claim reads in part: “Lawmakers in Sweden have no official cars, enjoy no immunity, use public transport, and wash their own clothes themselves — in public laundries! This is a world of difference away from what obtains in Nigeria, where lawmakers get special treatment, official vehicles, luxury and heavy running costs — which are separate from what they get as salaries.”
Facts: In March 2018, Senator Shehu Sani, who represented Kaduna Central Senatorial District in the 8th National Assembly, disclosed that Senators received N13.5 million as mostly running costs, CDD fact checkers converted the sum at the current exchange rate to dollars, and stands at $37,500.
In November of 2018, the Swedish secretary of parliament announced that Swedish members of parliament would be earning $88,200 a year. Therefore, taking into account the current exchange rates, Swedish lawmakers make in a year, what a Nigeria senator gets in approximate 2 and a half months, or 75 days, which is just over the number of days stated in the article.
Conclusion: In 60 days (two months), a Nigerian senator earns $75,000 as revealed by Senator Sani. This is less than $88,200 earned by Swedish lawmakers in a year. Therefore, the claim that a Swedish lawmaker earn in a year, what a Nigerian senator gets in 60 days, is FALSE.

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