Smoking Marijuana does not prevent Coronavirus

A trending image being shared on WhatsApp and other online platforms since March 17, 2020 claims Jamaica has no case of Coronavirus. It has attached the picture of popular Hip Hop singer Snoop Dog holding a stick of Marijuana to support the claim that there is no case of Coronavirus in Jamaica.


This claim is False. Jamaica confirmed its first case of Coronavirus on March 10, 2020 and as at today March 20, 2020, it has a total of 16 cases comprising of 13 active cases, one total death and 2 recovered. Jamaican Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, on March 13, declared the island a disaster area after it recorded eight new cases within the space of three days.

Rather than reduce or prevent Coronavirus, smoking or vaping could make people more vulnerable to a severe infection with the novel coronavirus says health experts.

In a report published by the Scientific American, experts say a wealth of evidence suggests that smoking suppresses immune function in the lungs and triggers inflammation. This they say is likely to put smokers at a heightened risk of developing chronic lung conditions, which have been associated with more severe cases of COVID-19.

Robert Tarran, a professor of cell biology and physiology at Chapel Hill says smoking is a known risk factor for influenza, “People who smoke are immunosuppressed to some degree. They make more mucus. It doesn’t clear the lungs as well. There are pro-inflammatory changes; immune cells are changed as well. And all that leads up to, basically, they’re more likely to get viruses and have a worse outcome.”


The claim that Marijuana is preventing Jamaicans from having Coronavirus is false. Jamaica has 16 cases of Coronavirus at today, March 20, 2020. Also, there is no evidence that smoking prevents Coronavirus. Rather than prevent the virus, health experts believe smokers are at a higher risk of getting viruses and have worse outcomes should they be infected.

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