Scheme underway to monitor President Weah’s poll promises

A scheme to track and monitor President George Weah’s campaign promises and projects through an online system, has been launched by the National Youth Movement for Transparent Election (NAYMOTE) in Liberia.Known as the “Presidential Meter Project,” the scheme is a replica of a tracking system used by Nigeria to monitor presidential projects.
The project which was launched on Wednesday at a local hotel in Monrovia, is being implemented by NAYMOTE’s partners the Nigeria-based group, Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) with support from the Open Society
Initiatives of West Africa (OSIWA).
The President’s Meter Project which is a flagship intervention of OSIWA’s Political Governance and Democratic Consolidation Program, marks the seventh of such initiatives that the organization has sponsored in the sub-region.
During the project period, NAYMOTE will host a series of town hall meetings to share updates on promises documented, produce citizen’s report cards on the government’s performance and conduct national stakeholders’ dialogues on the status of the campaign promises achieved.
The institution will collect, compile, analyze and release quarterly reports on the status of campaign promises documented.
The President’s Meter is also designed to ensure democratic accountability by documenting, monitoring and tracking the government’s progress in the implementation of its campaign and governance promises.
NAYMOTE was established in 2001 by Liberian student leaders and activists, becoming one of the leading national
institutions promoting democracy, peace-building and civic engagements in the country.
It is a member of the World Movement for Democracy, World Youth Movement for Democracy, and African Movement for Democracy as well as the African Democracy Forum and the National Civil Council of Liberia.

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