Roundtable on the Nigerian Party Competition During a Time of Transition and Terror

As we head to 2019 general election, the need to focus on issues-based campaign and address hate message cannot be overemphasized. The Roundtable will discuss improving Nigerian Political Party Competition, to be led by A. Carl LeVan, PhD; Associate Professor, American University – Washington, DC. Dr. LeVan is a Fellow of CDD and previously worked in the U.S. Congress and as an adviser to Nigeria’s National Assembly.                                                            
How was the PDP routed at the polls by an opposition party less than two years old? In his forthcoming book, Professor LeVan demonstrates that the parties systematically campaigned on different issues, and voters responded to electoral appeals focused on the economy, anti-corruption, and “electoral integrity.” Insecurity played a smaller role in shaping voter preferences than expected in the 2015 election. Statistical tests show that fear of an increase in insurgent violence under Muhammadu Buhari mobilized the PDP’s “base,” while the opposition All Progressives Congress de-emphasized insecurity in order to build a broader electoral coalition. The results contribute to a growing literature suggesting that African voters increasingly assess political candidates on the basis of performance and campaign promises, as well as emerging research on the effects of insurgent violence on parties and elections.
The Roundtable will hold as follows:
Venue: Barcelona Hotel, 23 Blantyre Cres, Wuse II, Abuja
Date:Friday, June 8, 2018
Time:10:00am Prompt

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