Promoting Peace, Justice and Reconciliation in North East, Nigeria during Ramadan.

As part of her effort towards fostering peace, reconciliation and reintegration in Borno State. The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) organised a radio program in the auspicious month of Ramadan 2019. This is the second edition of the Ramadan radio program with the first edition held in 2018.   The Ramadan Radio programme was organised in partnership with Peace Fm, Maiduguri. The Peace FM have reach not just in Borno state but parts of Adamawa, Bauchi, Taraba, Jigawa and Gombe State and parts of the Lake Chad basin.

The one-hour Radio programme aired live in Kanuri language at 2-3pm daily. Some of the topics discussed include Justice, forgiveness, reconciliation, Unity, Understanding, Peace and Harmony, the role of relevant stakeholders such as religious and traditional institution, Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF), Lawyers, Government, youth women and others in promoting peaceful coexistence in Borno and North Eastern part of this Country Nigeria.

A total of 185 callers/contributors joined via telephone during the program to speak to issues and proffer solutions on how to successfully end the insurgency and foster sustainable peace. While appreciating the initiative, some of the crucial issues raised during the radio program include:

a. The reemergence of Boko Haram insurgency as the Internally Displaced are trying to return to their original homes;

b. the need for government, Not for Profit and relevant agencies to continuously improve their efforts in providing relief to bring succour to the victims of insurgency in Northeast Nigeria;

c. the importance of inter-religious dialogues;

d. the need for resilience building;

e. that there should be an established interfaith, intergenerational dialogue as a platform to facilitate peaceful coexistence

Listeners opine the time for the radio program to be increased from the one hour so people can further engage as the anonymity afforded by the platform grants listeners the opportunity to ask nagging questions. Which they may otherwise be shy to ask in real life.  Callers while acknowledging the timeliness of the radio program opined it should be extended as a strategy for the demobilisation of combatants. Callers are however of the opinion that instead of utilising just Kanuri, the program also runs in the Hausa language to address the urban and rural dwellers dichotomy.

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