One-Day Stakeholders' Dialogue on the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) Movement

Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) in partnership with Partnership for African Social and Governance  Research (PASGR) held a one-day stakeholders workshop on the study conducted about the BBOG movement. The event which was held at Sheraton Hotel in Abuja commenced at 10.30am with a welcome address from both Prof Tade Aina of Pasgr and CDD’s Mr Austin. Participants from Bbog movement , Media, Universities and government agencies were at the workshop. 
We also had some representatives from the European Union. 
Prof Ayo Ojebode of University Ibadan presented the findings of the research team on BBog at the workshop.  The study traced the development of the Bbog group as part of the new forms of socio- political advocacy group and the formidable role they played in advocating the return of the Chibok girls. It also discussed their unique funding model and the challenges they face. The unfriendly relationship between the BBOG and government was interpreted as one of the unfortunate characteristics of social and political action in fragile settings.

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