NGO Tasks Nigerians on Fighting Corruption

The Executive Director of the Centre for Communication and Social Impact (CCSI), Babafunke Fagbemi on Wednesday in Kano called on Nigerians to speak out against the cankerworm known as corruption so as to complement the Federal Government’s efforts in fighting the menace which has eaten deep into the fabrics of the country’s socio-economic development.
Fagbemi who spoke at a media campaign launch of the Anti-Corruption crusade by Strengthening Citizen’s Resistance Against Prevalence of Corruption (SCRAP-C), urged Nigerians to resist the system of celebrating corruption by those that have stolen the country blind.
According to her, “the campaign will communicate to Nigerians what they stand to gain personally by adopting a corruption averse mentality.”
She added that, “the campaign which is adopting the consumer lens approach, has a positive brand as we hope to build confidence and values of Honesty, Integrity and Transparency (HIT),” pointing out that Nigerians are expected to participate and take ownership of the anti-corruption agenda.
Fagbemi who was represented by CCSI Senior Programme Officer, Mr. Oluyemi Abodunrin, further stated that the campaign which pilot scheme is already spread in six states in Nigeria namely Kano, Kaduna, Akwa Ibom, Borno, Enugu and Lagos, has a brand known as Upright for Nigeria, Stand Against Corruption, aimed at changing the behavior of Nigerians on corruption.
She noted that, “the campaign call to action is for citizens to resist, report and discourage corrupt practices by refusing to participate in corrupt practices through change in public attitude on corruption.
“Refusing to offer, accept bribes or receive gratifications before carrying out services, upholding values of honesty, integrity and hard work, speaking out against corruption, holding themselves and colleagues accountable, as well as engaging in campaign activities to promote anti-corruption.”
She added that the campaign was organized in conjunction with the Action Aid Nigeria (AAN), Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) among others.

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