Is MasterCard giving out Scholarships to University of Manchester?

CLAIM: A call for research titles purported to be from finance provider MasterCard, trending on WhatsApp and is being shared via email and other platforms. The scheme named ‘‘The Young African Science Technology and Innovation Schemes’’ is offering young Africans a chance to study various Master Degrees at the University of Manchester.
FACT: CDD can categorically state that there is no programme such as the ‘’The Young African Science Technology and Innovation Schemes’’ by the MasterCard. A simple search of the Foundation’s website shows that MasterCard does actually run a Scholars Program, but bears no resemblance to the claim.
MasterCard Foundation has also issued a statement on its official website calling it a scam. The rebuttal reads:
‘’The Mastercard Foundation has been made aware of a fraudulent call for proposals that is being circulated via e-mail and WhatsApp (and possibly other channels) for the Scholars Program. It falsely states that Manchester University is asking for applicants for a degree program funded by the Foundation. This is a scam, possibly seeking money and/or personal details for purposes such as identity theft.’’
CDD can categorically state that the offer of scholarship is false and has been debunked by Mastercard. It must be noted that, MasterCard will not use a private mail account to request information from applicants as falsely provided in the circular.

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