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CLAIM: A WhatsApp message has been circulating with a link suggesting that Australia is giving out 195 thousand jobs for 2023/2024 with visa sponsorship.

The link attached was described as the workforce Australia official website claiming the government of Australia is looking for national and international applicants.

FACT-CHECKING PROCESS: A fact check carried out by the Centre for Democracy and Development revealed that the message is false.

Fact-checkers at CDD followed the link and the first thing that was off is how the number of applicants kept increasing by hundreds in seconds.

The first step of starting the application was filling an application form which includes the applicant’s name, phone number, email address, home address and nationality.

The next page was asking for educational qualifications to proceed.

Interestingly, the last page carries an Australia sponsorship visa and jobs portal for 2022/2033 contradicting the first page. Also, the page carried a congratulatory message saying the applicant is qualified to work and asked that the link be shared with five WhatsApp groups or fifteen WhatsApp contacts to proceed.

Another interesting part is for every time the link is loaded the number of applicants goes down and starts counting up.

CONCLUSION: Fact-checkers at CDD can confirm that the link is fraudulent, which was created to lure unemployed and desperate citizens who want to leave the country.

The official website for workforce Australia is and there was no such thing found on the website.

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