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Has the SDP Cancelled its Mega Rally in Ekiti State?

Verdict: False


Ekiti State fact checkers has spotted another trending news, on social media, particularly on WhatsApp and offline that the Mega Rally of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) proposed for today, Thursday, June 16, 2022, at Ekiti Pavilion has been cancelled. This claim has followed the earlier story that the candidate of the SDP in the State has just stepped down; resulting in the cancellation of its Mega Rally.

Fact checked by CDD

CDD contacted reliable sources in the party, among other sources gathered, it is confirmed that the party is set to hold the Rally and there was no decision to cancel the planned Rally. Fact checkers in Ekiti state on June 16, 2022, visited the state pavilion, Ado Ekiti, venue of the planned Mega Rally and observed that preparation for the Rally was ongoing. The venue has been prepared, security operatives and some members are on ground, says a party member. Fact checkers sighted party members in and around the venue.  Local actors across the state, confirmed to fact checkers of sighting the party’s Mega Rally buses, moving around with party faithful and heading to Ado Ekiti, where the Mega Rally is billed to hold.

Conclusion: While we can confirm preparations are ongoing at the Ekiti Pavilion for the SDP Mega Rally as of 9:20 am on June 16, 2022, CDD advises peddlers of disinformation to desist for heating up the polity and further charge voters in the state to be focused on June 18, 2022.

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