Friends of Europe – Europe and the Sahel

Friends of Europe, in partnership with Centre for Democracy and Development, invites you to join us for our upcoming debate on security developments in the Sahel and the presentation of our upcoming study on Europe and the Sahel. The debate will take place online on Wednesday, 12 May from 10.00-11.30 (CEST).

Join João Gomes Cravinho, Portuguese Minister of Defence, Fatoumata Haidara, West and Central Africa Sahel Director at Plan International, and Irina Schoulgin Nyoni, Ambassador, Deputy Director General and Head of
Africa Department at Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Claire Raulin, French PSC Ambassador, and Irchad Razaaly, Head of West Africa at the European External Action Service (EEAS) to discuss the recommendations and conclusions with the author of the study, Paul Taylor, Senior Fellow at Friends of Europe and European Affairs Editor at Politico.

Creating peace and stability in the Sahel is crucial for developing the region, preventing the diffusion of conflict and ensuring the safety and security of those living there. Disentangling the peace and security landscape is critical for finding the route to a coherent strategy for durable peace and lasting stability in the region. Yet, without policy changes, governance reform and a more inclusive, less military-focused vision, the EU risks pouring increasing amounts of money into the Sahel to achieve little improvement.

Questions for discussion will include:
• Which objectives should the European Union and its member states realistically aim to achieve in the region?
• How can military, diplomatic, development, humanitarian and state-building tools best be combined to
effectively achieve this aim?
• What are the potential long-term ‘exit strategies’ in the Sahel?

We look forward to welcoming you online on 12 May!