Do the Federal Attorney General and Minister of Justice, the Chief Justice of Nigeria and the Director of Nigerian Law School have an LLB and PhD in Sharia?


CLAIM: An online source known as Oriental Times posted a story that promotes the popular false narrative of Islamisation in Nigeria. It states that the Head (sic) of Nigerian Law School not only has an LLB in Sharia, but also a PhD in Sharia. It goes on to say that the former Judge of the Sharia Court of Appeal, who then became the Chief Justice of Nigeria, also has an LLB in Sharia. The same claim added that the man who became the Federal Attorney General and Minister of Justice have an LLB in Shari’a Law.
FACT: Investigations by fact-checkers from CDD have shown that the claims made by this online source are misleading, false and a distortion of facts and designed to instigate fear. First of all, among the three people mentioned by the online source only Chief Justice of Nigeria Mr. Tanko Muhammad holds LLB, LLM and PhD in Law with specialisation in Islamic Law and Shari’a at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. The Attorney General of Nigeria, Abubakar Malami on the other hand, attended Usman Danfodio University where Shari’a and Islamic law are offered as an elective course to fulfil the requirement of LLB Law, not LLB Sharia as claimed by the source.  The subsequent claims about the Director General of the Nigerian Law School Prof. Isah Chiroma is completely false as he specialised in Civil Law not Sharia.
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