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#FACTCHECK: Did the EU, ECOWAS release statements praising Nigeria’s presidential election?

Verdict: False
CDD-West Africa fake-news desk spotted an info-graphic message with the pictures of the head of the Economic Community for the West African States (ECOWAS), Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf observer mission to Nigeria and her European Union counterpart, Maria Arena.
The head of ECOWAS observer mission is alleged to have credited the success of the elections to Nigerian citizen’s affirmation of the anti-corruption crusade of the Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, while the head of the EU observer mission is alleged to have adjudged the elections the most democratic in the history of Nigeria.
The Facts:
CDD-fact checkers reached out to a top member of the ECOWAS parliament, Hon. Edwin Snowe who vehemently denied the statement. He said the information is misleading and was never made by Ms. Sirleaf.
“I just spoke with Madam Sirleaf on your inquiry. The information is false and misleading as she has not made any statement since the announcement of results and the subsequent declaration of a winner,” he said.
Similarly, Marek Mracka, a member of the EU observation team to Nigeria disassociated the union from the alleged statement. He said the EU did not release the said praise-singing statement.
“The EU EOM did not draw this conclusion in its assessment of the elections, nor is this a quote from the Chief Observer.” Marak.
Meanwhile, the mission’s full assessment of the election can be read here
From responses from the ECOWAS and the EU, it is clear that the infographic was meant to mislead and offer a different narrative of what their position on the election truly is and should be disregarded.

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