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Verdict: False


A post was spotted trending on Twitter and Facebook with the claim that some ballot box snatchers have been apprehended by the Nigerian Army at Moba Ward 1, Unit 4.

Verification Process:

According to the claim, two men were arrested in Ise-Ọrùn, Ekiti State for allegedly disrupting elections in one of the wards and snatching ballot boxes. The two men also allegedly shot sporadically at Odo-Moba Ward 1 unit 4 forcing voters to flee before snatching the ballot boxes, after which they were caught by men of the Nigeria Army while attempting to escape. To verify the authenticity of the claim, CDD contacted our observer situated at Moba ward 1, unit 4. He confirmed that no ballot box was snatched at the polling unit, and neither did the army place any arrests. He also added that elections at the polling unit were violence-free, with no records of shooting.


CDD can confirm that the claim is false, as our field observer confirmed that the election at Moba Ward 1, Unit 4 was peaceful, and two men were not arrested by the Nigerian Army for shooting or snatching ballot boxes.

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