FACT-CHECK: Underaged Voters Voted During 2021 Kano LG Election



On Saturday, January 16, 2021, fact-checkers at the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) spotted several pictures and videos of under-aged voters allegedly participating in the 2021 Kano State Local Government Elections.

The photos and videos, shared mostly on Twitter and Facebook, showed children thumb printing multiple ballot papers while electoral officers sign the ballots and placed them inside a ballot box.

The videos have generated a lot of engagements and received condemnation from Nigerians on social media.


An investigation carried out by CDD on the pictures and videos established that children were allowed to vote in the 2021 Kano State Local Government Election.

The videos obtained and examined by CDD using fact-checking tools confirmed the authenticity of the clips of underaged voters and multiple thumb printing of ballot papers by both children and adults.

In this photo, some children were captured in the queue to vote in Kabo local government of Kano State. Also, the videos originated from Shahuci ward in the Kano Municipal Council of the state.

CDD can confirm that the incidence of the children voting and one person voting multiple times happened in the presence of the officials of the Kano State Independent Electoral Commission (KANSIEC) as they were seen assisting the children and the multiple voters.

However, CDD can also confirm that not all the photos shared are those originally taken from the 2021 LG elections in Kano State. We discovered that some of the photos (as shown below) are old photos from the 2018 elections in the state.

A technology-based analysis showed that one of the four images shared by a Twitter user, @Ayemojubar (image below) is from the  2018 Kano LG election and not the recent 2021 Kano LG poll.

Underage Voting Photo from 2018 election in Kano


Some of the pictures and videos of children voting during and other adults casting multiple votes in the local government election in Kano state are true.

CDD’s investigation into the under-aged voting and multiple ballot casting established that children partook in such anti-democratic acts during the 2021 Kano State LG election.

However, some social media users combine both old and new underage voters’ images are shared them as new ones from the recent election held in Kano State.

CDD urges the media on accurate reporting and the public to always verify the authenticity of stories before sharing them.

You can forward suspicious messages for verification via +2349062910568 or contact us on Twitter @CDDWestAfrica

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