FACT-CHECK: Kano Hisbah Has Not Banned Night Party



On Monday, December 21, 2020, fact-checkers at the Centre for Democracy and Development CDD (CDD) spotted a story published by Kano Focus claiming that the Kano Hisbah Board has banned night parties in the State.

The report also claimed that the ban was announced by the Hisbah Commander General, Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Sina, at a press conference in Kano following reports that most wedding parties clashed with prayer times.

It also claimed that wedding attendants, the bride inclusive, do not join the Magrib and Isha prayers once there are such parties.

In addition, Kano focus reported that all weddings scheduled to hold in Kano State will now be taking place between morning and 4 pm.


The claim that Kano HISBAH has banned night parties across Kano State is false.

An investigation by the CDD shows that the Kano State Hisbah Board did not make such pronouncement as claimed by the blog.

In a reaction to the claim, Ibn Sina told CDD fact-checker that the story is fake.

Ibn Sina said: “This story is fake, what happened was that we paid visit to Kano Tourism Board, and in his remarks, the head of the board said they were considering initiating a law that will stop any party or wedding reception (Walimah) lasting beyond 12 midnight and in my remarks I said this is good, but the journalists completely quoted me as saying it”

The Hisbah Commander General said the board has no law or mandate to influence such activities in the State.

“Tourism board is the one overseeing hotels, relaxations centers, etc, I also saw this story the way you also came across it.” Ibn Sina said.


The story published by Kano Focus that the Kano Hisbah Board has banned night party is false.

The board did not declare that all wedding parties must take place between morning and 4 pm as reported in the story.

CDD urges the media on accurate reporting and the public to always verify the authenticity of stories before sharing them.

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