FACT CHECK: Did International Observer Missions Publish Different Set of Presidential Election Result?

Verdict: False
The Claim:
On 26 February, three days after the Presidential election, CDD spotted a tweet being circulated through social media with the hashtag #RejectINECresults. Attached to the tweet was a document with numbers of all the votes per state. The tweet went on to say that it was compiled by European Union/ United Nations and the United States Observers.
When contacted by CDD fact checkers to confirm if his organisation released the said results, Market Mracka, the head of the EU Election Observation Mission to Nigeria, denied it.
“Obviously the EU didn’t publish any result, obviously it is fake. The news that the EU cosigned and published results with the US and UN is not true in any way because it is not in their mandate”.
CDD also discovered that the tweet in question was published prior to the release of the official presidential result by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). We also know that the EU, UN and the US are all separate entities and none of them posted any result on their official channels – websites, social media etc.
Also, INEC is the only organisation authorised to announce the results of the election.
Below is a link to the official EU observers report on the Nigerian election and it does not include the fake result being circulated.
It is not within the remit of international observers to publish the results of the elections. Their responsibility is simply to observe and report on the electoral process.

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