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Verdict: False

Claim: Multiple websites and blogs have been circulating a story of the Russian President, where he is alleged to say that when Africans get rich, their bank accounts are in Switzerland, they go to France for medical treatment and so on. The story goes on to say that Africa is a cemetery for Africans, and finishes with the question, “how can a cemetery be developed?”. The story was shared with a cropped image from an Instagram account with the name – Al Jazeera West Africa.

Fact: CDD fact-checkers reviewed the claimed using fact checking tools, including google search and found that there is no such Instagram account.  In addition, Fact checkers reviewed Vladimir Putin’s online presence. The story was traced back to a post that was published on the popular Nigerian online forum – Nairaland. This story has no basis in fact and is written purely with the intent to disinform and misinform Nigerians and indeed Africans.

Conclusion: This claim is False, as all effort to find source of information proof abortive.

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