Did the Lagos State Governor Ask Lagosians to Use the Trekking as Training for the Marathon?

CLAIM: A viral screenshot showing a twitter handle alleged to be that of the Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwoolu tweeted ‘’I want to address Lagosians on the #OkadaBan issue. You are all aware Access Bank Marathon is scheduled on 08/02/2020 which is next week Saturday. So please use the trekking as a form of training abi you don’t want to win 50.000$?.’’ The screenshot has since gone viral on facebook and WhatsApp shared by hundreds of people.

FACT: CDD can categorically state that the twitter handle in the viral screenshot is not that of the Lagos State Governor. It is a parody Account. A parody account is an account created to mimic a famous or important public figure. Users are allowed to create parody, newsfeed, commentary, and fan accounts on Twitter provided that the accounts follow twitter’s requirements.

A quick check on twitter shows that while the original handle has over 400,000 followers, the parody account has about 1400 followers at the time of releasing the tweet. While the original is Babajide Sanwo -Olu, the parody is Sanwo-Eko.


The Lagos State Governor did not post a tweet asking Lagosians to use the trekking as training for the Lagos City Maraton as portrayed in the screenshot. The tweet is from a parody account.

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