Did FBI arrest Bill Gates for biological terrorism?


A local Australia news blog on May 11, 2020, published a news report with the headline ‘’ FBI Arrests Bill Gates For Biological Terrorism After Tip-Off From Melbourne 5G Protestors’’.

The blog claimed that over 1,000 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officers surrounded Mr Gates high-security underground Seattle Bunker.

“Over 1000 FBI police officers surrounded his high-security underground Seattle science bunker earlier today, where they told him to come out with his hands up and to bring the cure of COVID-19 with him, he if could,” the blog claimed.


A review of the website and other media channels of the FBI for the operation did not yield result as there was no such report.

For a public figure like Mr Gates, his arrest is expected to make headlines and breaking news in major credible American media. 

It is, therefore, curious that only a local newspaper from Australia has reported the arrest which raises a red flag about the authenticity of the report.

Also, a simple google search shows that no credible news media has reported the arrest.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, Mr Gates has been swaddled in many conspiracy theories including allegations of a connection between the virus and possible production of a vaccine for his personal gains.

In 2015, Mr Gates gave a TED Talk warning world governments that an infectious virus was a greater risk to humanity than a nuclear war, a speech which has put him in the cross-hairs of conspiracy theorists. 

This has also resulted in followers of the theorists calling for his arrest.Also, no judiciary in the world has invented a crime known as “coronavirus making”. 
In fact, coronaviruses have existed for decades, and have long been a subject of scientific research. 


The claim that the billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has been arrested by the FBI for biological terrorism is false.

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