Corruption and Democracy in Africa: Conjoined Histories (Call for Contributions)

Call for Contributions to a Thematic Issue of Democracy and Development: Journal of West African Affairs
Why has corruption, understood as the diversion of public goods towards strictly parochial ends, persisted, and by certain measures even worsened, across transitioning African countries? Why has the coming of democracy not eventuated in the kind of drastic reduction in corruption that many had hoped for on the eve of transition from military rule? Why have the institutions put in place in various (West) African countries in order to combat corruption invariably succumbed to the perverse pull of corrupt practices? Does corruption undermine democracy, or is corruption the water in which democracies must perforce swim? What do some scholars mean when they say that corruption in Africa is ‘cultural’, and what are the ways in which we can understand the by no means stable conjoining of culture and corruption? What new perspectives can research on corruption add to the sociological, anthropological, economic, historical, and political science literatures on civil society, the state, public finance, governance, and policy making in Africa?
To commemorate its reappearance following a brief hiatus, Democracy and Development: Journal of West African Affairs, invites contributions that speak to different combinations of these and ancillary research and policy questions for its June 2020 edition. Apart from scholars who work at the interfaces of these questions, the journal also welcomes contributions from civil society activists who take an active interest in research, policy makers, and journalists, particularly those who have served on the frontline of the intermittently ugly battle to eliminate corruption from public life in Africa.
Democracy and Development is a peer-reviewed journal. Articles/essays submitted for publication must not exceed 5,000 words. The ideal essay is simple, yet sophisticated and lucid, far reaching yet synoptic, shorn of academic jargonizing, and definitely free of the usual scholarly accompaniment of footnotes. The deadline for submission of articles for the June 2020 edition is March 30, 2020. Submissions and queries should be addressed to:
Published bi-annually, Democracy and Development focuses on the following interrelated themes:
1. Conceptualizing democracy and development in West Africa;
2. Practical problems that have inhibited democratic reform in the region;
3. Civic organisations and the new and innovative programmes, activities, and personalities driving the democracy and development agenda in the region;
4. Conflict and peace-building; and 5. Public policy research (empirical and theoretical) on the democracy, security, and development nexus.
Democracy & Development: Journal of West African Affairs is the only one of its kind entirely devoted to reporting and explaining democratic developments in the sub-region. It is read avidly by researchers, journalists, opinion moulders, and policy makers.
Democracy and Development: Journal of West African Affairs is a publication of Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) West Africa, 16, A7 Street, Mount Pleasant Estate (CITEC), Jabi Airport Road, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.

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