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CDD Fact Check: Is Exxon Mobil leaving Nigeria?

Verdict:  FALSE

The Claim:

Following a report by on the 2nd of April, that Exxon Mobil recently held talks on the sale of a suite of oil and gas fields in Nigeria as the company focuses on new developments in US shale and Guyana. There have been speculations on social media platforms that Exxon is relocating from Nigeria.

The Facts:

CDD fact checkers contacted the spokesperson of ExxonMobil, who stated that the oil giant is committed to its long term business in Nigeria.
“It’s not true. Exxon Mobil is committed to its long term business operations in Nigeria, and we do not as a matter of practice discuss ongoing business discussion with people”, the spokesperson said.
Meanwhile, Richard Laing, Executive Director and Production Manager had on the 3rd of April released a statement, further debunking the claim stating that, “You may have seen some media reports yesterday about the sale of our Nigeria business. Please disregard these reports, as ExxonMobil remains committed to long-term business operations in Nigeria”.


The claim that Exxon Mobil is relocating from Nigeria is entirely false.

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