CDD Contributes to Anti-Corrupt Efforts through the Office of Auditor-General of the Federation

The Centre for Development and Development (CDD), to contribute to the increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the fight against corruption by Anti-Corruption Agencies on Thursday, March 5, entered a partnership with the Office of the Auditor of the Federation (OAuGF).

The centre with the OAuGF signed a Memorandum of Understanding to prevent and reduce the incidence of corruption among public office holders in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in Nigeria.

CDD’s Director, Idayat Hassan, while giving welcome remarks expresses the centre’s profound appreciation to The Office of the Auditor’s General and staff present.

“I must thank you, because you have demonstrated that organisations can work together to fight corruption effectively without rivalry or competition” Hassan said.

She said the Nigeria Anti-Corruption Agencies Support initiative Project which was launched officially in July 2019, seeks to contribute to increasing the efficiency of the agencies through targeted capacity building, support on forensics and evidence gathering.

Hassan said the initiative includes information sharing, infrastructure support and coordination among the ACAs.

“CDD’s support to the Office of the Auditor General will promote accountability in government spending as well as fortify existing systems and develop new frameworks to impede leakages in government spending” Hassan reiterates.

Hassan in her remarks commends government agencies that have agreed to work together to block leakages in the nation’s financial system.

Again, she adds that, “The synergy between the Office of the Auditor-General for the federation and other ACAs is timely in the fight against corruption and will prove most beneficial to the country”.

Hassan urged MDAs to use the medium to encourage President Muhammadu’s administration in the Anti-Corruption agenda and also to fast track the process of getting the audit bill passed into law in line with international global practices.

In agreement, the Auditor General of the Federation, Mr. Anthony Ayine says he is indeed grateful because this ceremony marks the beginning of a more robust engagement with CDD.

To fight corruption, Ayine tasks agencies to re-establish the culture of transparency and accountability.

Ayine said: “The Auditor- General for the federation, has been implementing several reforms initiatives, anchored on five-years strategic development plan, including the repositioning of the supreme audit institution in Nigeria to deliver more impactful results, and effectively hold public agencies to account.”

He assured that his team will work with CDD to develop a work plan, budget and timelines to structure the delivery of activities, which encompasses capacity building, provision of essential infrastructure, media and communication management as well as interface with members of parliament and other critical stakeholders.

As a final point, Mr Ayine says he hopes that the CDD will give its maximum support to the OAuGF to help deliver impactful results, for the benefit of the people of Nigeria.

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