Buharimeter 2019 Survey Report

Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) commissioned Africa Polling Institute (API) to conduct the 2019 Buharimeter National Survey to elicit the views of Nigerians on three key areas. These are: reflections on the recently concluded General Elections; policy priorities of Government; and strategies to address lingering challenges facing the country, over the next four years. This research is a crucial part of efforts to deepen citizen engagement and enhance voice and accountability in the democratic government of Nigeria and its policy process.

Overall, the research showed that, over the next four years, Nigerians want the President to focus mainly on job creation and improving security, and most importantly, leave a legacy of a strong and stable economy, under good governance and security of lives and property. These findings highlight the issue of unemployment, particularly amongst youth aged 18 to 35 years, and the need to tackle the issue head on. It has widely been acknowledged that youth unemployment is a ticking time bomb in Nigeria, and a key factor triggering youth restiveness, kidnapping, militancy and violent extremism experienced across the country.

Overall, 49% of the respondents considered the conduct as satisfactory. Men are more satisfied with the conduct than women (proportion satisfied: male – 52%; female – 45%). Respondents from North-East (68%) reported the most satisfaction, followed by South-West (64%) and NorthWest (55%), while the South-South (28%) and South-East (18%) regions were the least satisfied. The elderly (aged 65 and above) and respondents aged 25-34 are the least satisfied with the conduct, with 51% and 48% of the respective age groups declaring the conduct as not satisfactory. Also, respondents from urban settings are most satisfied (54%), compared to respondents from semi-urban (44%) and rural (48%) settings. Consistent with the ranking of the conduct of the elections, men rated the performance of INEC better than women (male – 5.26; female 5.03), and in terms of geopolitics, the rating was highest in North-East (6.07), NorthWest (5.62), South-West (5.31) and North-Central (5.25), compared to the South-South (4.51) and South-East (3.48) regions which raked the performance below average. These relative ratings of the performance of INEC by gender and geopolitical zone are direct mirrors of the satisfaction with the conduct of the election.

Download Full Report: Buhari Meter 2019 Report

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